Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zzup Homies?

Oh Hi.!

Sorry buddies! I've been missing out a lot on life.

Life = my blog.

I guess there are less frequent events that I could blog about, that I made up my own event.

I've got me-self a barley girlfriend.

Okay That is actually an Ethiopian girl carrying barley seeds, but my shorty's pretty much the same.

But I do like Miss India. and barley.

See. I told you she's pretty - Ushoshi Sengupta. [She's not pretty in other pics. So please don't google.]

Oh before toodling off, I was ogling at certain magazine and.. I bumped into to this pic:

@KuahJenhan. #MACC My superman. He plays football. He supports Liverfool. *high 5*

Alright, gotta get right to my indian roots for lunch right now. Wonder what's for lunch?

Pappadum rubs good with my beer belly.
*throws rice for good luck*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Hero.

Despite my appearance or perception that you may have conjured up in your minds, my readers, I too am a manly man.

I eat egg tarts for breakfast.

But on to a more serious note:

Heard of Steven Slater?

HE IS THE BADDEST ASS in the REAL world! *salutes*
A man with guts. (He's a flight attendant)
So, passenger tried to remove the luggage from the compartment before the flight reached a full halt. He must have told them in his nicest like all fake attendants voice "Maam, could you please return to your seat and only retrieve your luggages once the plane reaches a complete stop?" Passenger said no. Cursed at him. Luggage hit his face. The passenger did not apologise (or even want to). He got pissed. He cursed back. Gave the entire airline a piece of his mind. Grab a can of beer, deployed the emergency exit and left through it.

Oh yeah.

And that is how it is done.

Btw, there's free beer at Asia Cafe SS15 Subang Jaya (beside the most awesome uni col EVER, Taylor's University College) this Thursday from 6pm onwards.

Cheeeers to my Nikilesh blood.!