Friday, October 8, 2010

A hungry man.


Excuse me people.
Do you not understand it is a man's need to eat?
To swallow it whole?
Like a python devouring his food.

The barley girl made me ABC soup =) Proposing was a dashingly good idea!

NEVER EVER not scrape the bones. Best part!

I'm an alpha male! Buzz off my crumbs.~

There may be times where I, well, space out and well.. before I know it, the shared food became MY food.
I would love to apologize for the finished crackers, cookies, noodles, rice, and everything else.
Key word: WOULD

Peace out homies!

Fun Fact: If the world's about to end tomorrow, the ONE thing that I would do is - bang taxis and motorcyclists.

Oh and I my weight broke the chair.. *apologize the japanese way ~ bowing*