Monday, July 11, 2011

MTV World Stage 2011 Live in Malaysia by Xpax

Well I have been pretty quiet off late eh. Sorry folks, been busy putting on weight and ironing out my personal style. I would post a before and after makeover of myself If I could but this post is not about me, just as this blog is not.

This post is about the annual MTV World Stage, you did read my past post about this event didn’t you?

Well we had the beautiful Katy Perry last year that brought the show to the next level (of excitement) I will never forget her brilliant performance that night despite the typical Malaysian weather. Of course there were also the pretty Wonder Girls that caught my attention the whole night. The Nuffie girls werepracticing to dance to their famous Nobody Nobody about the same time the REAL wondergirls were in town too, what a performance they brought to Malaysia.

This year they have my all time favourite Rock out band 30 Seconds to Mars.

I’m very sure they would sound fantastic live because of Jared’s strong vocals! I’m looking forward to their performance the most!

30 Seconds To Mars

Pop Shuvit would be playing alongside 30 Seconds to Mars. Damn I missed their performances, I can’t even the last time I actually watched them perform live.

Pop Shuvit

Neon Trees has been topping the charts with their famous “Animal”. I’m sure they’ll be bringing a different flavor to the show besides the 2 pow wow rock bands.

To balance out the flavours a little bit too, BEAST a famous k pop band will be performing that night. Are they the male version of the popular wondergirls? I’ll find out soon. ;)


So the line up for this year looks really promising, kudos to MTV Asia for keeping up to standards with the acts. As for you guys who are interested to see how you can get yourself some tickets to this show.

Here are some tips, read can thank me later. ;)


Get the most exciting Games at 50% OFF selected Downloads from 24th June 2011 until 13th July
2011 and be eligible to win 2 FREE X-Zone passes to MTV Worldstage 2011!

To download, type & send to 22163
Charge: RM3.50/download

  1. Guitar Rock Tour 2 (GRT2)
  2. DJ Mix Tour (DJMT)
  3. Rock 'n' Blocks (RNB)

2. You want the BEST of the BEAST?
Download their caller ringtone packages to win some of BEAST's exclusive merchandize on top of the World Stage passes! Even the song "Beautiful" is bundled into one of the packages.

Beast Fiction or Fact PackageFiction122549
The Fact
Back To You
Beast Sum Fiction PackageFiction122550
Beast Shockingly Beautiful PackageShock122551


Grab your chance to win a FREE pair of MTV Worldstage X-Zone passes by sending minimum 5
KBOMM daily in Kolony. There’s a winner each day from 24th June until 13th July 2011, so KBOMM your heart out with your FRENs! Not infected on Kolony yet? Just send KOLONY to
25333 today!

Just send KBOMM to 25333

You can also reload your way to tickets for the show! From 16th June till 15th July 2011, just reload with Xpax, U.O.X. and S.O.X. & stand to get 2 passes!

Register by sending MTV to 28881

i. Wait for confirmation SMS of successful registration
ii. Reload RM50 (cumulative)

Receive a mobile voucher for redemption of 2 FREE passes to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia. The passes are available on a first come, first serve basis and while stocks lasts only.

For details, please check

There you go, some ways that you can score passes to this one night only exclusive event. Did I mention that tickets are not even for sale? Alright besides all mentioned contest, my favorite kind of contest is the type that runs on Facebook cos I’m practically on it most of the time of my day.

You can check out Xpax’s Facebook page and follow these simple instructions to win tickets to the
XZONE, only for VIPs. ;)

i. Select the act that you’re most excited to see
ii. Come up with a creative reason why you think that act rocks.
iii. Get as many people as possible to “Like” your creative entry.

Top 5 posts will be given 2 tickets to the XZONE for the show!

What are you guys waiting for?

By the way do also head on to MTV World Stage’s official site. I downloaded some awesome wallpapers from the site. ;)

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Inbox.

Sucks man.
Just once. ONCE, I accidentally signed up for it. Uh yea, don't question what I was viewing.
AND ON A DAILY BASIS I receive these bunch of mails:
I heard a joke from Pinky today. It goes like this:

What would a bread in the toaster say to the bread who is watching him?
"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn~~"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Public Service Announcement.

Hi all,

I am sporting a new look.
The look of love.

Meet my girlfriend, my bunneh. I sent her bunnies holding my heart that reads 'I love you'. We are into bunny stuffs.

Yeah, and I eat even more now.

I am Nikilesh Gan and I am indian. However now, I've a girlfriend, who rocks my world.

I've a better picture of her rocking, but, bad idea. Both, putting it up, and the picture.
Woohoo!! I'm set for the holidays!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gan Bimbo

OHMG PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good lords! I've disappeared from my blog for a teeny weeny bit.!
Ohkay ohkay, now that I am back, I apologise for my disappearance.
You see I started a new life. Grew out of a cocoon and into the 'wild ways of men'.
Ok, I stole that quote from Huai Bin. Sorry.

*head bows* There are times I drop into the vault of bimbo moments. Such as:

Please excuse me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A hungry man.


Excuse me people.
Do you not understand it is a man's need to eat?
To swallow it whole?
Like a python devouring his food.

The barley girl made me ABC soup =) Proposing was a dashingly good idea!

NEVER EVER not scrape the bones. Best part!

I'm an alpha male! Buzz off my crumbs.~

There may be times where I, well, space out and well.. before I know it, the shared food became MY food.
I would love to apologize for the finished crackers, cookies, noodles, rice, and everything else.
Key word: WOULD

Peace out homies!

Fun Fact: If the world's about to end tomorrow, the ONE thing that I would do is - bang taxis and motorcyclists.

Oh and I my weight broke the chair.. *apologize the japanese way ~ bowing*

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kinda like it.

"Hi Twitterbug."

I never knew that could sound so............ dare I say, seductive?