Friday, December 3, 2010

Public Service Announcement.

Hi all,

I am sporting a new look.
The look of love.

Meet my girlfriend, my bunneh. I sent her bunnies holding my heart that reads 'I love you'. We are into bunny stuffs.

Yeah, and I eat even more now.

I am Nikilesh Gan and I am indian. However now, I've a girlfriend, who rocks my world.

I've a better picture of her rocking, but, bad idea. Both, putting it up, and the picture.
Woohoo!! I'm set for the holidays!


  1. "I am sporting a new look.
    The look of love"


    Look at his starry-eyed look whoa!

  2. HAHAHAHA the look of love HAHAHAHAHA

  3. I can't decide if I love you or hate you Stupid froggybroon! Hahahhaha you're so funnnyyy!